Sandiway Golf Club

Abel Rose Bowls

                The Abel Rose Bowls were presented by Colonel FL Abel OBE TDDL in 1968

                 Sandiway Golf Club
                 Mixed Foursomes

                18 hole Mixed Foursomes Stableford – Non Qualifier

                Full playing members, colts (Handicap<19), University (Handicap<19), Life, Honorary, Junior Special, Country

Conditions of play
                Entrants must have played in 3 qualifying competitions in the previous 12 months

1969 Mr J Macnab 1989 Mr JC Bennett 2009 Mr SJ O'connor

Mrs J Whittaker
Mrs SC Reston
Ms S Puffett
1970 Mr DE Myerscough 1990 Dr G Pass

Mrs D Vaughan
Mrs J Pass

1971 Dr WSL La Frenais 1991 Mr R Blake

Mrs J La Frenais
Miss L Murray

1972 Mr J Macnab 1992 Mr S Brain

Mrs J Whittaker
Mrs A Arber

1973 Mr AK Mayne 1993 Mr R Fulford

Mrs JC Liversidge
Mrs BES Fulford

1974 Dr WB Turner 1994 Dr GD Wise

Mrs WB Turner
Miss D Wise

1975 Mr DA Gray 1995

Mrs J Gray

1976 Dr GD Wise

Mrs JA Shepherd

1977 Mr AJ Longden

Mrs WR Horn

1978 Mr JC Pether

Mrs JC Pether

1979 Mr FJ Liver

Mrs D Hickson

1980 Mr JC Bennett

Mrs S Bennett

1981 Mr C Chrimes

Mrs J Gordon

1982 Mr C Chrimes

Mrs J Gordon

1983 Mr TW Burgess

Mrs M Burgess

1984 Mr WA Seaman

Mrs WA Seaman

1985 Mr RG Harvey

Mrs RG Harnvey

1986 Mr TM Phillipson

Mrs TM Phillipson

1987 Mr RHB Shepherd

Mrs JR Whitehead

1988 Mr S Frith

Miss B Holt


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