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Sandiway Golf Club
  • "Sandiway is what you make it, an oasis, a gem, a golfing retreat. I hope you enjoy your time there as much as I have"
    Peter Alliss (International broadcaster and golf world legend)

  • "A picturesque challenge for any player and one of my favourites”
    Maureen Madill (Professional lady golfer, coach and broadcaster)

  • "Sandiway is simply a splendid golf course but demanding, and will test any golfer regardless of handicap"
    David Gilford (Ryder Cup Player)

  • "It is one of those courses that you never forget and I always look forward to playing because it has so many memorable holes"
    Andrew Murray (European Open Champion)

  • "It's just a great course and it brings back happy memories for me, because I played there so many times in my early golfing years. Anyone who gets the chance to play there should not miss out on it"
    Derrick Cooper (Madrid Open Champion)

  • "It is a great layout. I always look forward to playing Sandiway, even when it means a journey in excess of 250 miles"
    Peter H Wilcock (World Cup Player and Italian Open Champion)

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