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Societies and Visitors are welcome at Sandiway

There are certain requirements expected from both members and visitors alike and the guidance that follows is to ensure your enjoyment, comfort and well being during the time you spend with us.


Please be mindful of your speed of play and try not to delay those golfers following you. Heavy undergrowth has been removed to assist in locating balls away from the fairway but the three minute search rule should be observed. The course has a periphery rabbit fencing [beyond which is out of bounds] and this should not be crossed except at dedicated gates or styles.

Please be aware that greens staff and deliveries from outside use the track infront of the 9th tee and which also crosses the 18th fairway. Check on track activities before teeing off.

A ladies' and gentlemen's lavatory is located adjacent to the 10th tee and visitors should obtain in advance the door entry code from the bar staff or professional should they feel it prudent.


The golf course is very undulating and at certain times of the year can be slippery. Golfers should ensure that they wear appropriate footwear for the conditions and soft spikes or spikeless golf shoes are worn at their own risk.

Dress Code

Members and Visitors Dress Code
Sandiway Golf Club prides itself on being a forward thinking and welcoming club. To that end all our policies are kept under regular review.

We have high expectations of all our members and visitors in terms of their conduct, courtesy, and sportsmanship. Those expectations also extend to our dress code.

Perhaps no other policy of a golf club attracts more controversy than its dress code. Fashions come and go but we are unapologetic in seeking to maintain high standards here at Sandiway.

We recognise that members, members guests and visitors will welcome some guidance as to those standards and those who are inappropriately dressed should not be offended if they are challenged by our staff or by officers of the club.
The following information is therefore given as guidance both for wear on the course and in the club house:

On the Course
Please wear recognised and appropriate golf attire, golf shoes must be worn. When golf caps are worn the peak must be to the front.

Leaving the Course
Hats and waterproof clothing are only permitted in the changing rooms and are not allowed in any area of the clubhouse.

In the Clubhouse
Smart casual clothing, clean, dry recognised golf attire and clean dry soft spiked / dimpled golf shoes are acceptable throughout all areas of the clubhouse.

Further Guidance
• Shirts (casual) can be worn outside of trousers, shorts, or skirts etc. when they are so designed
• Boat shoes, loafers or sandals may be worn without socks
• The wearing of tracksuits, cargo shorts and pants, casual t-shirts, football/rugby type clothing, work-wear clothing, gym wear, soiled, worn, faded or ripped clothing is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse or on the golf course.
• Excellent changing facilities are provided for both gentlemen and ladies; members and visitors are encouraged (except under abnormal circumstances) to make full use of the amenities and not to utilise the car park area for changing anything other than shoes and socks.

Note:   Visitors failing to comply with Dress rules will be asked to leave the Clubhouse and will not be permitted to play.

Practice Facilities

There are two areas where practice is permitted; the practice Putting Green in front of the Clubhouse and the practice areas to the right of the 1st hole. The latter comprises of a driving range, (partially covered), chipping green and bunker.

Chipping is not permitted on the practice Putting Green. 

Car Parks 

Changing in the car parks is strictly prohibited (except for changing shoes). Please use the locker rooms provided. 

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must not be used for making or receiving calls either in the Clubhouse, on the Patio, or on the Course, except in an emergency situation. Similarly, other electronic devices can only be used on silent so as not to cause disturbance to others. 

Golf Trolleys and Buggies 

Golf trolleys can be hired from the Professional shop - both electric and manual and there are six buggies for hire too. 

The Use of Golf Buggies by Visitors

Visitors own golf buggies are NOT permitted. If you are disabled and require the use of a buggy you must have a certificate from a medical specialist and a valid insurance certificate for prior inspection by the General Manager of the Club. The visiting buggy user is to be aware that in areas of physical barrier a recommended route is provided and indicated. A copy of the Buggies on Course document will be supplied to each buggy user. Buggies can be hired out to non-disabled golfers, but priority will be given to those needing one for medical reasons. 


The Club does not provide any insurance cover. This is your personal responsibility and all visitors are strongly advised to have insurance for their particular needs. In the event of a claim arising for damages or injury caused to a third party, on any part of the Club or adjoining property, the Club will endeavour to identify the individual responsible for causing the damage or injury for the purpose of answering the claim.

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